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ATMS Launch Guest Blogger Program for Members

Become an ATMS Guest Blogger

Are you a member of ATMS and love to write or blog? ATMS is on the lookout for guest bloggers to contribute content pieces on the natural medicine industry and be published on the ATMS blog page.

Are you a qualified ATMS practitioner and have a great idea for a blog post? We want to hear from you – and so do our readers!

If you’re passionate about communicating health, wellness and industry news, this is a great opportunity to have your voice heard and partner with ATMS to deliver interesting and informative content to an engaged audience.

Wondering what’s in it for you?

Sharing your expertise with ATMS’ extensive audience is a great way to improve your profile, market yourself to new and existing clients and be regarded as a thought leader in natural medicine. We want you to gain maximum exposure for your time and effort. That’s why every published blog will be promoted via ATMS’ communications channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and e-newsletters such as the Wise-n-Well for members and the Friends of ATMS for the general public. And, as an additional incentive any members who have a blog published on the ATMS website will receive additional CPE points. (The ATMS CPE Policy, Version 7, July 2016, allows 5 CPE points to an ATMS member for an approved blog article with a minimum of 500 words, subject to a limit of 3 blogs per financial year.)

There are a few ways you can help share if you become a guest blogger, including:

Tweet the URL to your network and tag @atmsnatmed
Share the blog URL on Facebook and tag the ATMS Facebook page

Share the blog URL as an update on LinkedIn from your personal profile or business home page

Apply Now via the application form and check out the blogger guidelines

How do you become a guest blogger for ATMS?

  • Step 1 
        Complete the guest blogger application form and agree to the blogger guidelines. You can fax or email this application form.
  • Step 2 
        ATMS will review your application and approve or decline your blogger application.
  •  Step 3
        If you are approved as a guest blogger then you will be informed by email and your blog title and outline will be discussed. 
  •  Step 4
        Once your title and outline is approved it’s time to start blogging! 
  •  Step 5
        You send your blog to ATMS and it is put through internal edits and supplied back to you for final approval. 
  •  Step 6
        Once everyone approves ATMS will publish your guest blog on the ATMS blog and accredit you and your clinic as the author.
  •  Step 7
        Share, share, share – ATMS will share your blog across their social media channels and email marketing. We ask you do the same! 

Apply Now via the application form and check out the blogger guidelines 

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